Attention Experienced Skydivers:

Georgia Skydiving Center has an on site rigging loft located upstairs in building two of the main facility. The Georgia Skydiving Center loft offers a full range of parachute system rigging services including:

Assembly and Repacks
$45 Sport/student reserve inspection and repack
$55 Tandem reserve inspection and repack
$25 Assemble reserve to container
$25 Assemble main to container
$10 Install AAD into AAD-ready container
$12 Pack tandem main
$7 Pack sport main

Cypres Service
$90 New Cypres batteries (includes installation)
$10 Install customer-provided AAD batteries
$25 Remove/Install Cypres during repack cycle
$190 4-year Cypres maintenance (includes shipping)
$50 Install Cypres pockets in reserve container

Parachute Maintenance
$15 Inspect main
$40 Detachable soft links (includes installation)
$75 Reline canopy (does not include price of lines)
$20 Replace individual line, per line
$30 Replace lower steering lines
$30 Canopy patch, any size, per patch
$5 Replace rapid link, per link
$10 Install slider bumpers (set of 4)
$20 Acid mesh test and 40-lb. pull test (rounds)
$45 Collapsible slider conversion
$50 Per hour charge on other parachute repairs

Container Maintenance
$50 Wash container and reassemble
$10 Grommet/snap replacement
$45 Install/replace BOC
$40 Third riser or velcroless toggle conversion
$40 Hard cutaway cable housing conversion
$10 Retack cable housings
$20 Replace/retack Racer quick loop
$50 Per hour charge on other container repairs
Jumpsuit Repair
$35 Zipper replacement
$50 Rebuild booties
$50 Per hour charge on other jumpsuit repairs

Georgia Skydiving Center offers discount programs that will further reduce the cost of these rigging services. Contact Georgia Skydiving Center at 770-684-3483.