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No skydiving center in Georgia, Alabama or Tennessee has the amenities available at Georgia Skydiving Center. As always, Georgia Skydiving Center offers the largest skydiving facility in the Tri-state area including:

  • Competition certified SWOOP POND
  • An indoor climate controlled packing area (padded and carpeted).
  • A full line of rental equipment. The best skydiving equipment available anywhere.
  • All rigs have Zero Porosity main parachutes and CYPRESS AAD's (Automatic Activation Devices).
  • Two camping areas.
  • A FREE bunk house, showers, cable TV's, microwave, and refrigerator. Stay as long as you like, free of charge.
  • An outdoor observation deck complete with picnic tables, so that you and your friends can observe the action.
  • A full service rigging loft open every day.
  • Outdoor airplane training mock up.
  • Lockers available upon request.
  • Discounted lift tickets as low as $16 to 14,000 feet. That's right, just $16!
We are open every day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Show up any time and skydive from a turbine aircraft.

Call us at 770-684-3483 for more information.